Are You Going To Answer The Rock’s Challenge?

Dwayne Johnson, better known as “The Rock” has put out an open challenge to everyone. GET RIPPED.

He spent the last couple months training and dieting in order to gain an impressive 60+ pounds of muscle for his new role as Hercules. Dwayne has put out an open challenge to anyone looking to get in shape like he did.

Over the next couple weeks, he will be giving away his exact workout routine and diet plan that he followed in order to get such impressive results. For those of you looking to follow along, we will be chronicling the entire workout routine from start to finish.

Dwayne credits his trainers, exercise plan, and proper dieting (with the addition of a few supplements) for his extreme muscle gain.

The human body responds according to the environment its put in. If you provide your body with the proper environment to gain huge amounts of muscle, your body will react accordingly. Gaining muscle is not only about lifting weights. It's also about supplying your body with the nutrients it needs for muscle growth. For my training for Hercules my trainers and I provided my body what it needed for growth through proper dieting and a couple pretty sweet supplements to take it to the next level. – The Rock

To follow along check out the workouts, dieting plan, and the supplements used for Dwayne's amazing transformation.

The Rock Before and After