The Rock’s Baywatch Arm Workout For Super Pythons

 Dwayne The Rock Johnson has one helluva arm workout and it's no surprise he has massive 20-inch arms. Today we are going to unveil the exact arm workout that The Rock does every single week to sculpt his guns and get those sleeve ripping pythons every guy strives for.

This arm workout is so intense that we only recommend you do it once per week so you can allow your body to get optimal rest. Believe it or not, The Rock hasn’t always had massive arms, and he considers it one of his weak points. His secret muscle supplements, which can be seen here, are another trick he used to get ripped for his new role in Baywatch.

Baywatch Bicep Workout

In the next section we are going to give you the exact Arm workout routine that he does (he trains biceps and triceps on the same day) – but first we want to share with you 3 outside the box tips The Rock gave us on how to get bigger arms (and Holy Sh*t are these effective).


This article is the Ultimate Blueprint on how to get bigger arms straight from The Rock himself – and we are excited to share with you the details so you can get bigger arms.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s Top 3 Tips for Massive Arms


  1. Surplus

If your arms are your genetic weak point you should make a point to train them on your highest calorie day of the week.

The Rock will do this arm workout routine many days on his “cheat day” – when he is consuming well over 7,000 total calories.

By consuming a huge calorie surplus on this intense arm training day – you are creating the perfect anabolic atmosphere for your body to grow slabs of muscle on your arms.

If you are a naturally skinny guy chances are you have a super fast metabolism, so make sure you are hitting a heavy calorie surplus on your arm day workout and loading up on high-calorie foods like avocado, peanut butter, and mass building shakes.Baywatch Arm Workout

Another trick that The Rock does is he takes a powerful all natural testosterone boosting pill to surge his hormone levels to their peak. These pills help boost his anabolic hormones by about 40-50 percent, which for most guys is the X factor to bigger arms and reaching their muscle building potential.

  1. Don’t Rush

The biggest piece of advice “The Rock” shared with us on how he trains his arms is that you can’t rush your reps because this absolutely destroys your mind-muscle connection. You can’t work out your biceps and triceps like you are deadlifting. Its not about how much weight you are lifting – its about the number of micro-tears you can create in your arm workout.

The Rock makes sure he goes slow and controlled during his repetitions and “feels the burn” during each and every single set.

  1. Last Set = Best Set


The Rock has an incredible mindset towards building muscle mass – and he uses the term “last set = best set” to fuel his workouts to the next level. What he means by this is when your body is at the most fatigued during a workout is the most crucial time of the workout where you can build muscle.


When you feel that excruciating burn like you can’t lift anymore – go for 2 or 3 more reps and lift that sh*t like your life depends on it. That’s how you get big arms!


Ready to dive into his insane arm workout routine? Let’s dive right in!

Dwayne The Rock Johnson Arm Workout Routine For Baywatch Movie (Biceps + Triceps)

We'll start with an overview of all 7 of Dwayne's arm exercises, then we will cover them in detail below:

  1. Arm Blaster Superset
  2. Db Overhead Tricep Superset
  3. Rope Triceps Extension
  4. Weight Dips Superset
  5. Spider Bicep Curls
  6. Db Hammer Curls
  7.  Underhand Grip Triceps Press Down


Here is the “Suns Out, Guns Out” arm day workout you have been waiting for!


Dwayne Johnson’s arm day was all about creating maximum tension and keeping the rest times really short. His arm workout routine would consist of 30-45 second rest periods and sets in the 8-12 repetition range.


He would also superset a variety of bicep and triceps exercises since they are opposing muscle groups.


If you are struggling to bring up your arms try doing more biceps and triceps supersets to shock the arms into growth and give your body a different type of overload.


The Rock Arm Day Routine (Suns Out, Guns Out)


Exercise One: Arm Blaster Superset

Standing barbell curls superset with Db triceps kickback

Total sets: 3

Rest Time: 45 Seconds

Reps: 8-12 on each portion of the superset


Exercise Two: Db Overhead Triceps superset with Db seated bicep curls

Total Sets: 3

Rest Time: 45 seconds

Reps: 8-12 on each portion of the superset


Exercise Three: Rope Triceps extension (all 3 variations with short rest times)

Total Sets: 3

Rest Time: 45 SecondsOn the set of Baywatch

Reps: Strive for 10-15 reps on each of the Triceps Sets!


Exercise Four: Weighted Dips superset with diamond pushups

Total Sets: 3

Rest Time: 45 seconds

Reps: 8-12 on each portion of the superset


Exercise Five: Spider bicep curls (super short rest times between sets)

Total Sets: 4

Rest Time: 20 Seconds

Reps: 10-12 each set


Exercise Six: Db Hammer Curls (heavy-weight cheat curls)

Total Sets: 3

Rest Time: 1 minute

Reps: 6-8

Exercise Seven: underhand grip triceps press down

Total Sets: 4

Rest Time: 45 Seconds

Reps: 12-14


This is the complete Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson “Suns out, Guns Out, Baywatch” arm workout routine. If you follow this routine you will be able to add on at least 1 full inch to your arms in as little as a few months.