It’s Leg Day, BRING IT! #TeamHercules

Are you ready for the Hercules Workout leg routine? I hope so, because it is intense! If you want to get anywhere near The Rock's size during your time on earth, you MUST workout your lower body. When you workout the biggest muscles in your body (legs) it super charges your efforts everywhere else. Don't skip leg day.

This'll be punishing. Our final #TeamHercules labor- LEGS. Push yourself…Epic results take epic effort. #B2A -@TheRock

Leg exercises for the hercules workoutExercises to Perform


1.) Leg Extensions 4 X 25 Reps

2.) Leg Press Superset with weighted walking lunges 4 X 50 (leg press) 40 steps for lunges

3.) Hack Squat Machine 4 sets X 20 reps

4.) Romanian Deadlifts 4 X 12 Reps

5.) Lying Leg Curls 4 X 12 Reps

Calves Exercises

1.) Standing Calf raise 5 X 75 Reps

2.) Seated Calf Raise 5 X 50 Reps


I can feel the burn from just reading through this. Yikes. 50/50 chance I puke at the gym during this routine!

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