Workout #1- The Hercules Back Workout

Workout Number 1- Shredding Up Your Back

The workout series for Hercules started with The Rock tweeting out his back routine.

Let's roll…My back workout. Hit it hard, heavy and use good form. Send me your progress! #focus #B2A #TeamHercules- @TheRock

Hercules Back Workout

Exercises To Complete:

1.) Pull ups 4X to failure

2.) One Arm DB Row 4X -Sets of 12, 10, 8 and 8.

3.) Hammer Strength Two Arm Row- 4 sets of 10

4.) Close Grip Pull Down- 3 sets of 12

5.) Cable Row 3×12 with Double Drop Set on Every Set

6.) Rope Pullovers Super Set With Rope High Row 3×15

7.) DB Shrugs 4×12 with 15 sec Hold on Last Rep of Each Set

When we first saw this routine, we didn't think it looked that hard. After doing it in the gym, man, we we're wrong. This set of exercises will leave your back feeling like it has been through a car wash. Personally it took my 3 days to even begin to be able to move again and I go to the gym at least 3 times a week.

Give it a try, if you get through all 7 workouts and can still move let us know!


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